Clubhouse opening hours

Summer March 31st - October 26th

Mon - Thu 7am – 11pm

Fri-Sat 7am - Late

Sun 8am - Late

Winter October 27th - March 30th

Mon-Thu closed

Fri-Sun 8am - 6pm

Clubhouse - 01475704181

Visitors are welcome at PortGlasgow Golf Club throughout the week and weekend and can look forward to an excellent round, perhaps followed by refreshments in our clubhouse. Please read our rules on dress code at the golf club to ensure your visit runs as smoothly as possible.

Vistors Booking
Tee Time available

Our per round per person green fees:


Monday - Wednesday - Friday
15 pounds
Tuesday - Thursday
10 pounds
25 pounds
Members inviting guest
7 pounds

*Saturdays after 3 pm

*Sunday reserve tee 10am to 11am – juniors competitions

Weekends 4 balls special*
60 pounds


Winter Monday to Friday
10 pounds


Golf Buggies

The club has golf buggies available for hire at 20 pounds per round. Enquire for availability when you book your round of golf.



No Denim clothing of any description shall be worn in the Member's Lounge, or on the Golf Course. Exception, will be the small lounge

No Training shoes, shall be worn in the Member's lounge, or on the Golf Course. Exception will be the small lounge

No Collarless or sleeveless shirts of any description, shall be worn anywhere (Clubhouse or Golf Course). No exception

No Round neck sweaters, unless worn with a collared shirt (no sweaters to be worn around the waist)

No Football colours of any description shall be permitted within the boundaries of Clubhouse and/or Golf Course)

No Shell or track suits, of any description (on the Course or in Clubhouse)

No Shorts of any description in the Member's lounge, tailored shorts (ONLY) will be allowed in the small lounge and Golf course

Socks must be worn at all times, in the clubhouse and on the Golf Course

No golf waterproofs will be worn in either of the two lounges

No industrial clothing within the Clubhouse (exception staff working within the Clubhouse)

Skipped caps must be worn to the front at all times. No caps or hats shall be worn anywhere in the Clubhouse

Visitors will be required to play from the Yellow tee markers.

Please rake bunkers, repair pitchmarks and replace divots.

Members and visitors should not leave litter on the course.

No bag sharing is permitted.

Safety of fellow players is paramount, do not drive when in range and shout FORE if in the slightest doubt about the safety of others.

If you have caused damage to property on or around the course this must be reported to the Secretary/bar staff immediately upon return to the clubhouse.

Please keep trolleys and buggies off all teeing areas, greens and approaches.

OUT OF BOUNDS (Rule 27-1)
Beyond any boundary wall, fence, white lines/stakes 18th - In or beyond the ditch at the Green keepers' shed, plus white lines/stakes following the line of the ditch.
Beyond the wall/white stakes (burn behind 18th green)
On or beyond the paved pathway surrounding the clubhouse

HAZARDS (Rule 26)
Parts of burns and ditches, marked by yellow stakes, are "Hazards" drop on the side furthest from the pin.
Parts of burns and ditches, marked by red stakes, are "Lateral Hazards" drop on either side not nearer the pin

Plantation areas will be designated "Ground Under Repair", and marked by blue stakes and possibly white dotted lines to define boundary.
If a players ball comes to rest in the said (blue staked) area, or, the protected trees interfere with the player's stance or intended swing, the player MUST take relief. The ball shall be lifted and dropped (without penalty) at the nearest point out with the area (blue stakes) not nearer the hole

YOUNG (Protected) TREES
Staked Trees (see below)
Trees (and rhododendrons) under the height of the longest club in the player's bag
NB: The above ruling is in accordance with the procedures prescribed in Rule 24 - 2b - immoveable object

Areas marked Ground Under Repair (GUR) shall be marked by blue stakes or white lines.
Ruts and indentations (not flattened grass) made by tractors and green keeping equipment. NB: If a players' ball lies in such an area, or if it interferes with the player's stance or intended swing, the player may take relief (without penalty) under rule 25-1)

If a player's ball comes to rest ON another tee, the ball MUST be lifted and dropped (without penalty) from the teeing area/surface, as per rule 25-1

Stones in bunkers are "movable objects" and can be removed, as per rule 24-1

Practice putting greens are "wrong greens". A ball touching the practice putting areas MUST be lifted and dropped (without penalty), in accordance with Rule 25-3
Practice putting only on the practice putting surfaces
No chipping onto or around the practice putting areas
Practice golf shots on the playing area of the golf course, prior to play, can mean disqualification

If a player's ball strikes the overhead power line, the player MUST disregard that stroke, abandon the ball, and play another ball (without penalty), as near to possible to the spot from which the original shot was played, in accordance with rule 20-5.

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